If Santorini was on your 20 something bucket of 20-Place-To-See-Before-You-Die list but the budget not even make to 20, no worries (same here) you still can get the feeling and picture of Santorini, that could probably fit-in your budget, Santorini Park, Cha-am, Bangkok.

Santorini Park, Cha-am that was opened at 2012 actually was a small amusement park where you can find several (note this) several attraction such as : haunted house, Feris wheel, sling shot etc. They will charge you to enter and extra charge for the attractions. But mind you this place was just a small theme park with buidling and decoration of mini Greece, as seen of the building  and walls dominated by white color and dash of contrasting colors like, blue, teal, pink and green. So don’t get your expectation too high, enough with just a small hint of instagramable and taste of “lil greece” (well at the least colors and building).


Santorini Park at Cha Am is a 40-minute drive from Hua Hin. So to visit the amusement park as well as this shopping place you need to go to Cha Am, Huahin from Bangkok. The easiest way to visit this Santorini Park from Bangkok is actually to rent a van. Usually rent van from Bangkok to Cha AM, where this Santorini park is located is about 4000 THB for commute.

The journey will take about 2-3 hours drive from bangkok, depending on traffic conditions. If its smooth you’ll arrived much faster. But if not maybe the trip will be a bit longer huh. So prepare your self!

Public Transport (well this one’s kinda challenging)

First after getting off from Don Mueang Airport or Svarnabhumi look for transportation to Victory Monument. If you are from Don Mueang Airport, it means take A2 bus which charge 30 THB.

Look for the shuttle bus that has the Bangkok – Cha-Am route. So you have to buy a ticket to Cha-Am which costs about 130 THB (Rp.55.638)

Please note, there is no scheduled departure Bus Shuttle to Cha-Am, usually Shuttle Bus will depart when it is full.

Upon arrival, this Shuttle Bus will stop at Cha-AM which is about 2KM from Santorini Park. From there you stay up a kind of motorcycle taxi. They charge to Taman Santorini one way is about 100 THB / person (Rp. 42.798)


For the price of admission is actually not too expensive. But ticket prices for local people and foreigners are distinguished. Entrance fee to Santorini Park for foreigners is 150 THB / person, while the entrance ticket for local people is much cheaper, which is 50 THB / person.


Accommodation : In any case if you can’t have enough of this lil’ Asian Greece, you can opt to stay within the walls of the park itself at Santorini Park Stay Choose from bunk beds, superior or deluxe room – rates per night starts from THB2550 per night for a Superior Room with breakfast for two.

Though as a couple without kids it’s bit boring and disconnected to the rest of Hua Hin to actually stay ‘inside’ a theme park but it might be suitable if you have family vacation with kids as the attractions are mostly catered for kids and what more when the Santorini Water Fantasy is situated just opposite the Santorini Park which offers fun in the sun splashing in the pools and slides.

Or for something full you can try Pork Ball & Fish Ball which have mostly noodles and meat balls.


There’s a lil cafe called “Miffy Caffe”, minimalist deco with cute bunny rabbit as theme, the air con quite cool for hot open air park, so it’s cozy enough to stay and rilex your feet. Satify your tummy with light meals such as Pancake, Sweet Sticky Mango and don’t forget Ice Thai Tea!

Because the park is out door area and the weather kinda like our home, humid:

1. If its sunny when you’re there, make sure to wear comfort shoe and light outfit

2. Stay hydrated

3. If its rainy season, don’t forget to bring your raincoat & light washable shoe.

4. Please note, that most of Thai can’t speak English, so prepare your google translate or translator, will be much easier!

5. Don’t forget to wear and bring your sunblock, i’m sure you aim for fabulous instragram look, not boiled shrimp look! 🙂 


Happy Holiday!


Santorini park Cha-Am

Kao Yai, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi, Thailand

Phone: (+6632) 772 999

Instagram: @santorinipark

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Mon-Thurs),

10:00-22:00 (Fri, Sat, Sun and national holidays)


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