Bringing a bit of the outside to the inside, Mother Nature has done a pretty incredible job out there, so it’s no surprise that we gravitate toward so much of this bounty. From the garden to the beach, from the forest to living room, Oh just take me to the country…

I always have a a thing for country site, living in somewhere quite, where there’s no busy street, crowded people anything less complicated. Where you can still people riding bicycle with cow grass in the back, and surround with those beautiful green rice paddy and at night you can still hear crickets and nocturnal animal sound… Just pure tranquility.

Well it’s just my dream, that someday soon hopefuly will come true. Mean while i just complie some inspiration what my country house will be, with all natural elements, colors and ambience.

What i love about natural home deco is how light and bright the neutral colors, that somehow magicly turn your home into bright and tranquil house.

If you fan of neutral colors like I did, you’ll find it’s calming to have such a calm color and scene of the house. But the problem of neutral colors, it can be borring and when you over used it, it can turn to be bland. 

Decorating with neutrals was never meant to be boring. Neutral colors are supposed to enhance a space and allow the natural beauty of a room show through – not take over it.

To achieve that you here’s some tips and inspiration for you to start decor your dream house


  • Think in textures. Neutral tones in different textures appear as different tones and colors. This keeps neutral colors exciting to the eye, and exciting in your space.
  • Think in contrasts, like warm versus cool or textured versus polished. Gleaming, dark woods, glass and other shiny surfaces often pair well with a neutral’s natural color palette.
  • Think in layers. For example, if neutrals comprise the main color scheme of your space, layer colors, textures and tones on top of your foundation. Use contrasting shades as accent colors, or darker tones of the same color to add depth.
  • Think in patterns. Neutrals look lovely when paired with patterns or when used in a pattern. Patterns add movement to a space, something that may be lacking in a room dominated by neutrals
  • Changing out throw pillows or other small, soft furnishings is a great way to add a fresh, seasonal color palette to your space.
  • Think in undertones. Not all neutrals work together, especially if you are bold enough to go with a chic, monochromatic neutral color scheme. A neutral color can have warm or cool undertones. When decorating with neutrals, choose a balance of warm and cool undertones to make your neutrals work together.
  • Think of adding some natural touch with much woods and weaven basket, with lot’s of light. It’ll brighten and bring natural ambiance in the room

Like i always said, you can take the girl out of the COUNTRY, but you can’t take the COUNTRY out of the girl,...


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